Payday Loan: requirements for young students, rates and amounts


We discover the Payday Loan offered by Yobank. All you need to know about this product, starting from the requirements that must be presented by young students interested in funding. In addition, the economic conditions of the loan with the amount that can be requested and the interest rates applied.

Payday Loan: to whom it is addressed and required requisites

Payday Loan: to whom it is addressed and required requisites

If you are interested in receiving a loan with Yobank there is certainly no lack of valid solutions in this regard. Among the most interesting products presented to us directly on the bank’s website.. As reported by the same company, this is a loan that was born with the aim of supporting young students during their studies. For this category of potential clients it can be quite complicated to access a loan to carry out any type of project. In the case of classic personal loans, a fundamental requirement is that of possessing a paycheck or at least a form of income from which the agreed repayment installment should be retained each month. It is evident that a young student can not possess this requirement, and therefore will find himself to renounce funding unless a parent offers himself as a guarantor.

Thanks to PerTe Loan with Lode the youngest have an extra opportunity to get the amount of money they want. Indeed, Yobank has stipulated an agreement with some of the main universities and other bodies present throughout Italy. In this way, students can access the loan even if they do not have an income to present. Obviously also for this particular product have been defined the requirements that determine whether or not the boy can access the desired funding. The difference compared to other forms of loan is that no asset or personal guarantee is required. In order to apply for the Loyalty with Lode PerTe of Yobank, it is only necessary that the applicant is enrolled in a degree program at one of the universities affiliated with the bank. In this case, visiting the website of your university you can find all the information related to the funding reserved for students and the requirements necessary to receive the desired amount of money.

In general, however, the requirements will cover the student’s path of study. The latter will have to pass the exams within the pre-established times and remaining above a medium-grade that may vary slightly depending on the university and the course of study that follows. The LoA Per Lite Loan offered by Yobank may therefore be required only by relying on its own potential. This is therefore an excellent opportunity for all those who have problems in coping with their training expenses. In this way you can open a credit line that will allow the student to make the payment of university fees without any problems, but also the purchase of all the necessary teaching materials and therefore books, but also PCs and useful software. Finally, the Loan with Loyalty offered by Yobank may also be required to cover the costs of renting the house for all the students away from home. Often in this case parents are responsible for all expenses, but thanks to this loan the student can be 100% independent.

Payday Loan with honors for young students: rates and amounts of the Yobank loan

Payday Loan with honors for young students: rates and amounts of the Yobank loan

After having seen who it is addressed to and what are the requisites required to access the Loan for young students offered by Yobank, we analyze the economic characteristics of this product. First of all, the great advantage for students is that if the payment is immediate, for the reimbursement it will be possible to wait for the end of the course of study. The credit line has a maximum duration of 5 years, which means that along the entire degree course the beneficiary of the loan will have access to the credit necessary to face all the necessary expenses. The maximum amount payable is very high, as it reaches up to 50,000 euros. So the student for each year of course will have access to 10,000 euros. To access the amounts that from time to time will be requested by the beneficiary of the loan, the latter will have to open a current account with honors, obviously at the Intesa Sanpaolo Bank.

Subsequently, the bank will grant an opening of credit, through which the sums of money requested will be made available in tranches that will usually be semi-annual but which may also be annual or quarterly based on agreements with special Agreements. These amounts will therefore be disbursed on the Current Account With Honors addressed to the student, who can then use this money to meet the expenses we have already discussed. Another very useful service that is offered to young university students is that of the prepaid card. The latter allows you to manage your expenses in comfort and for this reason it is recommended to use by the consultants of Yobank. Therefore, during the period of maximum 5 years, the young university student will be able to access the amounts he / she needs to face all the necessary expenses. How does the refund work instead?

The reimbursement of all the amounts disbursed takes place only at the end of the credit line and therefore also of the course of study. In this way the student can find a job by which to repay what has been borrowed from the bank. To do this you can choose the repayment in a single solution, or alternatively install the repayment by requesting the Intesa Sanpaolo Loan Loan. In this way the beneficiary of the financing can choose the duration according to their needs and at the same time the interest rates will be defined. The latter will be extremely convenient compared to the rates present on the market, given that they are the result of the Convention that the bank has stipulated with the various bodies. At the time of the request, it is possible to fix a duration up to a maximum of 30 years. This means that at the end of your course of study you can make the repayment in comfortable installments. In any case, it is advisable to choose the lowest possible duration based on your availability: interest rates will depend on the number of installments, so if you want to save on interest a shorter duration will obviously be cheaper.



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